Do you Grind your teeth?

A lot of people grind their teeth...not just in anger or frustration....but a pathological continous grinding that occurs mostly during the night while they are asleep....This is a condition known as Bruxism...and people who suffer from bruxism are called bruxers.

Most bruxers dont even know that they are bruxers. When asked if they grind their teeth they will in all probability answer in the negative. The only people who would know ( if at all) would be the person who sleeps next to them...the spouse perhaps... and that too only if they are light sleepers. If the spouse is easily awakened then many a time they are aware that a funny irritating clicking grinding sound is coming from the wife/husband at night.

Most people ignore this and even if told that they probably are bruxers they feel ' " Big I grind my teeth. What's that got to do with anything?"

Actually - a lot.

The signs of trouble may take a while in coming but come they will. Almost certainly. Unless your teeth and jaws are made of iron which they aren't. Maybe if you were a terminator but not otherwise.

Given a sufficient period of time without correct intervention you could end up with:

1. worn down teeth

2. chipped teeth

3. fractured teeth

4. sensitivity with your teeth

5. pain in the jaws/joints

6. muscular pain in your cheeks

What's more even if you get restorations done and do not attempt to correct the original problem - the bruxism will even wear down restorations/crowns/bridges as can be seen in the next case.