Impractical Budgeting

It never fails to surprise us the lengths people go to save a couple of bucks at the wrong time and over the wrong things. Now don't get us wrong - we are all for sensible living and budgeting. We understand that in today's world saving and budgeting is the only way to ensure a comfortable retirement. But sensible budgeting. Budgeting that doesn't involve what we term as being impractical.

So what is impractical budgeting?

Silly budgeting is buying your kids expensive jeans that they will grow out of in 6 months and cribbing about a filling in a tooth that is going to help them chew food for a lifetime. Show your love for your kid by ensuring his health first.

Being impractical is paying a 25000/- EMI on a car loan for a second car when you are wearing removable dentures which can be easily converted into fully fixed teeth by implants for less than what you spent on that car you don't really need. 

Crazy budgeting is buying that 1 carat diamond to adorn your ears but having no smile to go with that look because you have huge gaps in your front teeth which you are hesitating to fix because of the cost involved.

If you can't afford certain treatments because you need to spend on household necessities - it is understandable that you ask for cheaper options. But if you have money to spend on the luxuries of life - you must put your health first.

The problem is that when we think of our teeth, we do not think long term. We choose short term solutions because they cost less and then grumble that dentistry doesn't have the answers. We choose dentists based on location/cost and then set ourselves up for a disappointment.

Do you tell your cardiologist that I will not do that angioplasty because it is so expensive and then go across the road and book the latest luxury car? Do you tell your skin specialist that I won't apply these creams because they cost so much and then jump into the first shop and buy a month's salary worth of clothes? Do you ask your general surgeon to use cheaper materials so you can afford that new sofa set?

No. You don't. Because you value your life and health don't you? Then why the step motherly treatment with your teeth? Your teeth are part of your body. The health of your mouth determines health in many parts of your body including important processes like your digestion. 

Dentistry costs. Quality dentistry costs more (not all but most of the time). Save for it.

Buy one less stuffed soft toy for your kiddo. Gets that filling for him instead. He will forget that soft toy in a jiffy. He will remember that toothache and subsequent loss of that tooth for a lifetime.

Post pone buying that car by a year. Get those dental implants. Your stomach and digestive processes will thank you.

See only one movie in a multiplex this month. Use the rest of the money to get your teeth cleaned. Fresher breath and a brilliant smile will ensure that you get asked out to many more movie dates in the future. ;)

You don't need to buy that handbag today. You do need that root canal treatment today though. Your handbag will not deteriorate sitting in that showroom - your tooth will.

Label each of your teeth. Call one a Mercedes, the next a Fendi handbag, another a platinum ring, the next  Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Promod jeans....and so on and so forth.

So the next time you have to spend at the dentist - it will be easier. You can just tell yourself - " I am getting my Merc serviced... buying a Fendi handbag....polishing my platinum ring etc etc"

It will be just as hard on the pocket but much easier on the mind :)